Portland Head Light                                                West Quaddy Light                                              Owl's Head Light                                          Bass Harbor Light

7x5 Pen and Ink                                                      7x5 Pen and Ink                                                   7x5 Pen and Ink                                           7x5 Pen and Ink                 

Collection of Artist                                                 Collection of Artist                                              Collection of Artist                                       Collection of Artist          Prints 7x5 S/N $20 Each                                          Prints 7x5 S/N  $20 Each                                      Prints 7x5 $20 Each                                      Prints 7x5 $20 Each               

"Final Cut"                                                                           "Quiet Afternoon"

14x11 Oil on Board                                                               11x14 Oil on Board

$250 Available                                                                      $250 Available


"Alamo Reds"                                                                                      "Solitude Together"                                                                          "Havasupi Falls"

14x11 Oil on Board                                                                              18x24 Oil on Canvas                                                                        14x11 Oil on Board

$250 Available                                                                                     $1250 Available                                                                              $250 Available

                                                                                                          1st Place Martin F Weber, 2014


           "Mounted Deputy"                                                                                      "Refreshed"                                                                         "Red Tailed Hawk"

            16x20 Acrylic on Canvas                                                                            16x20 Oil on Canvas                                                             14x11 Pen and Ink

             Private Collection                                                                                    $350 Available                                                                     $1250 Available

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Prints S/N $40 each

F16                                                                                       "Tiger By Pond"                                                                                  "Buffalo"

11x14 Pen and Ink                                                                   11x14 Pen and Ink                                                                             8x11 Pen and Ink

$1050 Available                                                                       $2250                                                                                               Private Collection

Prints S/N $40 Each                                                                 Prints S/N $40 Each                                                                           Prints S/N $40 Each

Details of Lockheed Martin Mural, Leesburg, Virginia                                                                       Details of Lockheed Martin Mural, Fort Worth, Texas

9ft x 24ft Acrylic on Prepared Wall Board 13 Separate Images.                                                         6ft x 18 ft Acrylic on Prepared Wall Board, 20 Separate Images.

Designed to Flow from Their Beginnings in Aviation to the Present                                                    Celebrates the long history of Flight Service in aviation.

 "All Dressed Up"                                                                   "Teamwork"                                                                             "Keeko"

12x9 Pastel                                                                          14x11 Oil on Board                                                                   12x12 Dry Brush Oil on Paper

Private Collection                                                                 $320 Available                                                                         Collection of the Artist

"Through the Screen"                                                                  "Spring Drizzle"                                                                      "Dance of the Garden Fairies"

12x9 Oil on Canvas Board                                                             14x11 Oil on Canvas Board                                                     12x9 Oil on Canvas Board

$175 Available                                                                             $250 Available                                                                       $175 Available

All artwork is shipped unframed, packaged securely, and insured, with tracking number.

Other Media or Techniques are Sometimes  Most Rewarding: 

Here is a sampling of the "special projects" that helped me to stay fresh and creative.  I especially enjoy the looser, impressionistic styles ...Some are even still available!  Email to order!